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IMG_1009Stingher & Predator Ribs
Offshore Power is the sole Distributor in the Channel Islands for the Italian built Predator RIBs. Designed and built by the world renowned Giuseppe Risolo.

Giuseppe uses his skills and knowledge gained in over 10 years racing experience in the shape and design of every hull that are produced in both ranges.

This year marks almost 25 years of RIB design and production for Giuseppe and his family, and with his fourth factory now in full flow, he will produce over 400 hulls of 6 metres or more.

Every RIB undergoes the same strict level of build, hand laid hulls, huge box section stringhers which give a very strong and stiff hull, Hypalon handmade tapered tubes, stainless steel fully vented fuel tanks, and the finest fittings available.

This is why we are able to offer you the following warranty:

  • 24 month for the Hull structure
  • 24 month for gelcoat, stainless steel, chrome finishes, upholstery and cushions, and accessories.
  • 60 month on the Hypalon fabric.

Karnic BoatsKarnic pic
Offshore Power is the sole Channel Island dealer for Karnic Boats. Karnic Boats offer a variety of pleasure and working boats, ranging from 14ft to 34ft, suitable for inshore day use to cross channel cruising. All boats have a range of customisation options ensuring that you’ll receive a boat perfectly suited to your individual requirements. For full specifications and information please see

Quicksilver Boats
For full specifications and information please see

Mercury Inflatables
We stock Mercury inflatables and can order specific items; for product details please see the Mercury Marine website.


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